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Carbon Nanomaterial Synthesis


Our laboratory activities seek to develop methods for gas-phase nanoengineering of materials by controlling synthesis from nucleation to macroscopic assembly. To do so we investigate fundamental aerosol dynamics and chemistries within reacting flows in order to synthesize unique nanomaterial structures.

A major research effort within the laboratory is the synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) from floating nanoparticle catalysts in a continuous high-throughput process for purposes of fibre spinning and mat production. The resulting CNT materials have unique thermal, electrical and structural properties, which are applied to a number of industrial areas. This work is conducted as a part of an international network based at Cambridge known as the Advanced Nanotube Applications and Manufacturing (ANAM) Initiative, Other laboratory efforts include the production of nanoparticle catalysts by means of controlling charging behaviour with applications in the automotive catalyst sector.

Particle Emissions and Air Quality

PaddingtonStationAirbourne particles represent a significant fraction of air pollution with noxious impacts on human health and impacts on local and macro climate. Our work seeks to characterize the size, quantity, morphology, phase and evolution of particle emissions. We have a number of ongoing research projects seeking to characterize and model emissions from heavy and light duty vehicles. As a part of this work we are seeking to develop new low-cost detection and particle characterization techniques. Our group is affiliated with other networks at the University of Cambridge, including the Centre for Sustainable Freight (, the Cambridge Particle Meeting ( and Energy Efficient Cities initiative (EECi,, which focus on developing analysis tools that demonstrate achievable reductions in energy use and emissions. Ongoing efforts seek to develop new methods for portable emissions measurements (PEMs) as a part of the European Union Horizon 2020 project, (

Funded Research

Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing Initiative,  Increase carbon nanotube (CNT) gas-phase production throughput, impart multi-functional behavior and incorporate CNTs within large-scale devices.

ANAM Initiative.pngEPSRC, £2.8 Million, 2015-2020

Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, Reduce emissions and improve efficiency of the UK heavy-goods vehicle sector.

SRF Logo.pngEPSRC, £5 Million, 2013-2018,

PEMs4Nano Horizon 2020 Project, On-road measurement of particles down to 10 nm.

EU Horizon, €3.7 Million, 2016-2019,

Carbon Nanotube Reactor